Why Winterwatch has a women problem.

My beloved wildlife pond.
From the first ever Springwatch series that aired way back in 2005.
Studying the local frog population as a teenager in my parents’ shed for a biology project.

And so it is because of — not in spite of — my huge love and affection for this programme and the positive role it has played in my life that I have to say this: Winterwatch has a women problem.

Tweet from satirical account Man Who Has It All that reverses the sexes to highlight everyday sexism in our language.
This is what a penduline tit looks like, in case you were wondering.

So I did what any underemployed, former researcher would do under the circumstances; I started to collect data.

0% of Winterwatch’s mindful moments were filmed by women
A list of all the guest contributors (i.e. not the regular presenters) featured on Winterwatch 2021. I included people who spoke on screen or were named filmmakers for one of the segments. I did not include photos or clips sent in from members of the audience. MM = Mindful Moment filmmaker. Women are highlighted in bold.
26 men featured as guest contributors compared to just 5 women
0 camerawomen in the entire production of Winterwatch 2021
1 in 64 billion: the chances of having only 24% women on the crew by chance if men and women were chosen at random
For stats nerds, I’m using a two-tailed test for all probabilities

What does this tell us?

It should go without saying, but wildlife camerawomen, such as Tania Esteban, do exist.

Why does it matter?

The presenters of Springwatch 2019. Covid-19 travel restrictions mean that South Africa-based Michaela Strachan has temporarily been replaced with Megan McCubbin.




Dr Sally Le Page is a biologist and science YouTuber. www.youtube.com/sallylepage

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Sally Le Page

Sally Le Page

Dr Sally Le Page is a biologist and science YouTuber. www.youtube.com/sallylepage

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